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An Invitation: You are not here by chance. GOD HAS A PLAN AND PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE.

Scripture for Growth 


                                                                                    Job 13:15

  Job's story is all too familiar to us. Some have rejoiced in his victorious faith and endurance while others praised him, admired his integrity, patience, character, and communion with God during his process of going in, through and coming out of his struggle. If it could be weighed on a scale, have you ever given thought to how much your faith, endurance, patience, integrity, character and communion with God would weigh?

  Not only was he well known for his riches, integrity and character; he was also well known for his tragic troubles. Our troubles are the part of life we don't want to acquire fame for. There is no need to desire an appointment with triumph if you can't be trusted with the test of a trial. Trouble precedes triumph. He had more than enough wealth and he had more than enough troubles. God is the God of More Than Enough (another sermon for another time).

Job had expectation for something that was not even promised to him not knowing what his expectation would bring. He just knew it had to better than his boils' so in faith he said, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him: but I will maintain mine own ways before Him. God considered Job for a repeat performance of his initial blessings and wealth. 

   Anyone  who vows to trust God while being slain by God without a promise is fully committed to communing with God.  Trust, in this passage means waiting on the passage of time until my time becomes God's time to move on my behalf. Job wasn't promised anything before his troubles struck, it was a "suddenly" event.

  God told Abraham to leave his homeland with a promise to show him where he was going...just a showing. He was importantly impotent. Why so, because God had plans to do something immaterial with his impotency that resulted from a supernatural consideration of Abraham's obedience and faith. The bareness of Sarah's barrenness was commanded to clothe Isaac in a healthy womb because God had considered Abraham to make this one old impotent man the Father of many nations. His impotency was important enough for God to command a "suddenly" conception.

   Both men were committed to the immaterial Who was imparted into them on a regular basis. Their eyes were fixed on that which they could not see, yet believed. Their treasure was trusted with the One who created them, therefore He could trust them with the treasure He had for them. Their heart was with God, so was their treasure. I encourage you to follow the example of these two veterans of faith. Can God consider you; are you up to the test? Perhaps you are already in the midst of God's consideration not knowing what is happening to your life. Try trusting Him totally and expect an unexpected comeback. The rewards for God considering you are more than enough.

Have an Spiritually Prosperous DAY in the Lord Pastor G. Thompson