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Co-authored by Dr. Gertrude S. Thompson 


Hello, it is with much pleasure I get to share in the announcing of another book I have co-authored with 29 anointed Daughters of God! It's time for the book entitled ReSURGEnce to debut August 2022. This book is life changing, offering opportunities for kingdom advancement, with the urge to surge forward on purpose. It shares the heart of 30 Daughters on the subject of the title. From the heart of the passionate Visionary Minister Quentina W. Gregg, God has blessed us to prepare this keepsake just for you. My assignment was to prepare From Termination to Germination for your inspiration. I am soliciting your support in purchasing an autographed copy for $15 or autographed and shipped copy for $20. 

To order books or to schedule a speaking engagement, contact Pastor Dr. Gertrude S. Thompson at (803) 730-2620 or email:

Cash App: LCM928, PayPal, PO Box 21067 Columbia, SC 29221


How Are You Handling Your Gift? Paperback 

by Gertrude S. Thompson 

Available on 

Gifts. Who doesn't like receiving them for special occasions, or just because I care gifts? What about a special gift you are given yet you fail to recognize it as a gift? You don't receive it as a gift therefore you don't handle it as a gift. It's a gift God has chose to give you because you need it. Until you become aware of this gift, of course you will not know how to care for it. Understanding it's purpose will give you the right perspective of how to handle it. As you read through How Are You Handling Your Gift hopefully you will develop a fresh perspective and find reasons to share your findings with others. May you open your capacity to expand your methods of care for this gift from God. Show Him how much you appreciate the gift then the gift can better appreciate God for you.

To schedule a speaking engagement or order books, contact Pastor Thompson at (803) 730-2620, email:


Have You Talked About God Today?

by Kay Spann Byrd

Now available on, and

Join the millions of believers who together will activate, cultivate, and resonate an unending conversation about God—one that will cause heaven to rejoice and effect spiritual change throughout this present world.

Have you Talked About God Today? Great Bible Study Tool

New book available on,, and

To schedule a speaking engagement or order books, contact Evangelist Byrd at (803) 665-5451.

Several years ago, God spoke into my spirit a conversation about how much time people spend talking about things that seem to be important to them. While He did not specifically name anything, He made it clear that people are not spending much of their time talking about Him. And so He presented the challenge to me to somehow communicate to you, the reader, and to the world that He wants you to talk about Him just like you talk about things, specifically people.

God wants us to talk boldly, confidently and intelligently about Him, but the only way we can do this is to learn who God is. Get your copy today!!


Properly ID'D

Adapting Your Mindset to Your GOD-SIZED IDENTIFY

Contributing Author, Dr. Gert Thompson, Pastor

Now available by emailing or by calling (803) 730-2620.

Properly ID'D provides the reader with a thought-provoking, enlightening and systematic Bible Study centered on the

6th Chapter of Judges and the story of Gideon.

Great Bible Study Tool:

                       New book available by emailing or calling (803) 730-2620.

      To schedule a speaking engagement or order books, contact Dr. Gert Thompson at or by calling (803) 730-2620.

For the believer, being properly identified in the Kingdom of God positions you to stand authoritatively and un-apologetically as the mighty man or woman of God that you are destined to be. In an era of stolen identity and aborted potential, without a proper identification, believers' risk being defined by tradition, someone else's idea of who you should be, or even a traumatic event from their past. The Prophet Gideon seemingly had no idea that God viewed him as a mighty man of valor. Ironically, many believers today lack clarity regarding their "Kingdom Identity." Despite the fact that Gideon is somewhat unaware of who he is, Gideon is prophetically called into action and commissioned to fulfill his Kingdom Assignment. Properly ID'D will position you to: 1) Deal with any sin entrapment that threaten to hold you hostage; 2) Increase your confidence and awareness of God's presence in and purpose for your life; and 3) Allow the Holy Spirit to equip you to walk in a divine calling as unique as your fingerprint.

                                                Contributing authors: Kristen Baker, Gary Becton, Yasha Jones Becton, Ebony Green, Kylie McBride,

Shawn Moreland, and Dr. Gert Thompson ~ Edited by Dr. Yasha Jones Becton

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