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Scripture for Growth

John 20:21 Matthew 16:24-27

PRAYERS THAT ANSWERS GOD: We tend to want God to answer us without giving thought to the fact that He wants us to answer Him also. Remember prayer . dialogue, not a monologue. I’ve been there and done that; it doesn’t work.

PRAY: God I have heard Your glorious whisper, almost silent, yet insistent; it is demanding something from me and it will not allow me to refuse Your voice.

God Your voice breaks through the chatter of the many voices in my head; it breaks through the clatter of background noises.

Through the sound of the rain, the wind, the storm and hurricane, Your voice remains unchangeable; it is unmissable. It cuts through my heart and my soul.

No matter where I am in life God, Your voice speaks these words, “My child, Come follow Me, pick up your Cross, My burden is no burden at all, it is simply love poured out for you and through you. It is sustaining and empowering you. Come follow Me.

I hear You God; I realize that I have been chosen to become a family member of Your royal Bride. I realize that I have been chosen for love to share love…

Chosen for joy to spread joy; chosen for friendship and for befriending; chosen for fruitfulness and for harvest. 

Have an Spiritually Prosperous Day in the Lord                           Elect Lady Dr. Gert S.Thompson, Pastor

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